Ask a mover: Why should I avoid an estimate based on cubic feet?

Regular readers know we strongly encourage customers to receive three in-home estimates before deciding on a mover. The in-home estimates allow the movers’ representatives to see all of the items that will be moved (and what won’t be moved) to create an accurate estimate.

Movers will use a “cube sheet,” a table that determines the size and weight of your shipment, to show how much trailer space will be used. However, your estimate should be based on weight. One of the common questions we hear is, “Why should my long distance move estimate be based on weight and not volume?” We would like to explain why.

Protection for the Consumer

JK Trailers for your Long Distance MoveBasing your move estimate on weight is in your best interest. Because you can definitively double check the shipment’s weight, customers can protect themselves from moving day surprises. When an estimate is based on cubic feet – which equates to volume – it’s difficult to confirm that measurement objectively.

When an estimate is based on cubic feet, there is no protection for the customer in the event of a dispute. If the estimate is based on weight, there will be weight tickets for both the customer and moving company. And if necessary, the customers’ belongings can be reloaded and re-weighed.

After you receive three in-home estimates, make an apples-to-apples comparison. One of the best places to start is with the three estimated weights. If the three movers have three different estimated weights (for example mover #1 estimated 2,500 pounds, mover #2 estimated 3,000 pounds, and mover #3 estimated 3,500 pounds), check to see which of your belongings were included and which ones were not. Let the moving company know ahead of time if they do not have a full scope of your move. This will help guard you from any surprises on moving day.

When choosing your mover, remember that they will be handling all of your belongings and you should select the mover with whom you feel most comfortable. If you did not receive an estimate based on weight, we advise you to use a different mover.

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