Why Have a Maintenance Shop On-Site?

On JK’s website you will find a statement that not many other movers can claim. Our load times are 99% on time, which is one of the best in the business. We accomplish this through our trained crews, excellent operations team, and our fleet of trucks.

Why we have our own maintenance shop on site
A truck in the JK maintenance shop.

How do we make sure our fleet of trucks is ready and available for your move? One part of the equation is consistently investing in new equipment. The second part of the equation is having a machine shop on-site that runs 24/7.

There are many benefits for JK keeping three full-time mechanics on staff. First, they can address any issue that a driver may encounter. This ranges from changing the oil to rebuilding an engine to keeping the proper air inflation in the tires.

Second, comprehensive and periodic inspections are vital to the performance of the trucks. The scheduled inspections allow us to identify and address any small, potential issues before they become bigger issues. For our long-distance fleet we perform these inspections every 15,000 miles. For our local straight trucks, it’s every 7,500 miles. This schedule is based on manufacturer’s recommendations.

For the JK long-distance fleet, we frequently use TA and Petro truck stop repair facilities because there are so many available and accessible on our routes. And because 95% of our trucks are Volvos, JK drivers will also use a Volvo dealership if the situation calls for it.

Between our in-house mechanics and using trusted partners on the road, JK works to make sure the right truck for your move is ready on your move day. If you have questions about our trucks or mechanics, please leave them in the comments below.

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