Where Are My Children’s Toys? Westbound on Route 66.

JK Moving Services GPS tracking map

Ever wonder where your couch is when the truck has left your house? While not all moving companies have the ability to track your goods, GPS tracking can provide information on where a truck is, historical information such as time and location as well as the ability for drivers to send reports on truck capacity and information related to the move. All of this information is viewable from a single control location giving management the ability to monitor truck movements, assist in identifying potential issues and keeping an eye on all of the moving assets.

GPS is integral to operations. Besides telling us where a truck is, it can notify us if trucks are speeding, if there are any sudden stops or sudden starts and if a truck deviates from a route.  Because of the obvious benefits that GPS brings, JK Moving Services has installed GPS tracking units in all of  their moving trucks. On the tractor trailer cabs, a larger unit is installed that allows for email messaging from the driver. On any given day over 80 trucks are out on the road and GPS allows for tracking of these vehicles in a variety of display configurations. The picture above is a broad view but this can be adjusted to display regions or even city activity.

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A great benefit of GPS is that it allows for billing that is concise since it indicates arrival and departure times. Knowing where a truck is benefits the customer and the company. If a truck is stuck in traffic, GPS can locate the exact position so the customer can be notified.

The next time you hire a moving company, make sure they have GPS installed on their trucks and you will always know exactly where your children’s toys are.

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