What You Should and Shouldn’t Do During a Move

You’ve done all the necessary packing, took the time to plan far in advance, and have everything lined up for a smooth move. But once the truck pulls up and the crew goes to work, what’s next for you? While all our drivers and crews are fully trained, that doesn’t mean you won’t have a role to play in getting the most out of the moving services you’re paying for.

Today we’d like to offer some guidelines about what’s okay to do while a moving crew is at your home, as well as what we’d recommend against. We realize it’s not all common sense, and even a seemingly simple question like “can I run errands while movers are at the house?” may not have an obvious answer, so here’s what we suggest.

What’s Okay to Do

  • Give the crew a tour of the house, so they understand what goes and what stays.
  • Voice any questions or concerns you have to the driver or crew leader.
  • Moving with kids can be tricky. Our best suggestion for small children is to set them up for a play date at a friend’s house. But if they are at home, it may be a perfect time for a DVD or some video games.
  • If you haven’t boarded your pets, consider confining them in an empty room to keep them safely away from the action.
  • Grab a book, Kindle, or iPad – sit down and relax.

What We Don’t Recommend

  • Don’t run errands or leave the house – for an efficient pack and load, the crew will need quick answers to any questions that arise.
  • Try not to be working in the same room, halls, or walkways as the crew.
  • Don’t load anything into the truck. The crew can load things you’ve packed, but you should only load things into your personal vehicles.

Courtesy and safety are big reasons for these suggestions, but they’ll help keep things moving smoothly as well. Following these tips will help your moving crew work as efficiently as possible, saving you time, money, and stress.

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