What Should You Expect When Choosing JK?

They say moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Today, we explain what you should expect from JK, and how we create a worry-free move.

In-home estimates are important for a successful move.
In-home estimates are important for a successful move.

In-home estimates

A certified move consultant will come to your home and walkthrough the house. By seeing all the items that are going (and not going) our consultants are able to create an accurate estimate, which will be available to you before JK leaves the house. This allows JK the opportunity to discuss the estimate in the home, instead of later in the day over the phone. Of course, our consultants are available 24/7 to answer any questions or concerns.

Full-time employees

All JK crew members are full-time employees. As part of the hiring process they are drug tested and background checked. This is so we know exactly who is entering your home. All JK crew members train in our training home before they go to a home. During this training, they learn all the proper paperwork and they learn the proper way to pack and carry furniture. Our two-story training house was designed to be a movers’ nightmare, with tight staircases and 90 degree turns. After training, they will be prepared to properly move any and all belongings.

All employees are trained before entering a home.
All employees are trained before entering a home.

Floor and furniture protection

When JK arrives at your door for the move, the crew will literally roll out a red carpet. The crew will also protect the floors and walls from any potential damage. Your furniture will be properly pad-wrapped and protected to minimize the risk of potential damage.

Dedicated point of contact

You will have the cell phone and direct line of your move consultant and you will also have your own dedicated customer service coordinator. The customer service coordinator will call you a few days before the move to verify dates and locations and to answer any last minute questions. The customer service coordinator will call you on the day of the move to make sure everything is going well. If there are any concerns, the coordinators are able to address them right away so the move goes smoothly.

Quality control checks

You may also receive a visit from a member of our Operations team or JK’s Quality Control manager. They will visit random job sites and similar to the customer service coordinator, make sure everything is going smoothly. And if there are any questions, they will be able to answer your client directly.

If after reading you have further questions or comments on what you can expect from a residential move from JK Moving, please leave a comment below.

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