What Happens After The Move?

On the first and third Thursday of the month, movers from across North America participate in a discussion on Twitter, called MoveChat, where stories, tips, and advice are shared. Every chat, we discuss a specific part of the moving process. This week the topic was, “What happens after the move” and what follows is an edited transcript of the discussion. You can view the full discussion by simply logging into Twitter and following the hashtag #movechat.

Q1. Once the truck pulls away, what work still needs to be done to ensure the move ends well?

PortageCartage You’ll likely have packing material to dispose of, and you may discover damaged items as you get settled in.

HolmanMoving Check for damage. You should make sure you have all of your boxes before the movers leave, but double check.

jkmoving Good point! You might be tired and exhausted from a day of moving but the inventory is very important.

jkmoving Learn the time frame for claims. How long do you have? Remember, you can only turn in one claim form

HolmanMoving Make a game plan. If it’s the end of the day, I unpack the items I need (clearly marked on box!) and plan for tomorrow.

jkmoving We recommend you have one box (packed last) that has all your necessities for the first night.

PortageCartage And PLEASE know that it’s best to call the mover’s office to follow up on any issues, even if the driver knows about them.

PortageCartage Ideally, drivers communicate issues to the right people back in the office, but in practice this is difficult to make happen.

Q2 – What are some, other, additional problems a customer might encounter after a move?

HolmanMoving As you unpack, there could be broken items. Stay calm and call your moving coordinator to walk you through claims.

PortageCartage Sometimes the wrong stuff, usually boxes, ends up being delivered to the wrong customer.

PortageCartage That’s not very common, but it does happen. Moves are chaotic.

jkmoving What should a customer do if that happens?

PortageCartage Best advice is to call the office to let them know you’ve got somebody else’s stuff. Relay any tag # info you can find.

jkmoving If any issues arise, it’s best to know who to call in advance so you can handle any concern right away

HolmanMoving Also, you may need a specialist to hook up any appliances (fridge, esp). If you don’t have the expertise, don’t do it yourself.

jkmoving Ask your mover if they would recommend anyone, you might be able to get a discount as well

Q3. If these problems can be anticipated, what are some ways to prevent or minimize them?

HolmanMoving Clearly label your boxes and make an excel sheet listing the box numbers and contents.

PortageCartage For the misdelivery problem, keep a close eye on the tags coming off the truck to make sure they’re yours.

jkmoving Research moving company prior to move, keep note of your inventory, know the number of sales rep and dispatch office

PortageCartage Have a plan for your used boxes. You’ll be surprised at how quickly they can fill up your garage.

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