In 2012, JK Diverted Over 1,200 Tons from Landfills

Regular readers know we are proud of our sustainability efforts across the company. Each year, we publish a report with the results of our eco-friendly practices. In 2012, we diverted more than 1,200 tons of materials from local landfills. That amount of material equates to 200 elephants, or for those in the transportation industry, 60 tractor trailer trucks!

In 2012, JK Moving diverted over 1,200 tons from area landfills - Recycling Infographic
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What type of materials, and how much, were we able to save from landfills?

Mixed Paper – 797,740 pounds

Metal – 743,380 pounds

Corrugated Cardboard – 254,040 pounds

Furniture – 251,580 pounds

Code 2/ Wood – 225,760 pounds

E-Waste – 118,680 pounds

Plastic Bottles/ Cans – 21,000 pounds

Mixed Plastic – 7,780 pounds

We are proud that we were able to divert 2,419,960 pounds of materials from area landfills through our recycling programs and initiatives in 2012. We look forward to furthering our efforts in 2013!

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