Unique Shipping Stories: An SUV Built for a King, Literally

Traveling internationally often opens a person’s eyes to new experiences, cultures, and ways of life. Working within the international shipping industry, and catering to people of different ethnicities and cultural backgrounds can also bring about some unique and interesting stories.

Occasionally, this blog will feature “Unique Shipping Stories.”

I recently sat down with David MacPherson, JK’s Vice President of the International Division, to talk about some of his “unique shipping experiences.”

Shipping an SUV Built for a King, Literally.

“An embassy of a middle eastern country asked me to ship a vehicle that was located in Oxnard, California, just north of LA. The SUV was at Becker Automotive which customizes big SUVs and Sprinter Jetvans™. The Cadillac SUV they wanted to ship, before modifications, was around $75,000. When Becker was finished with it, it was worth more than $320,000. It had run-flat tires, night vision, satellite TV and phones, and the rest was just pure luxury.













So the embassy asked us to ship this SUV, and it was a gift from this royal familyto another royal family.  Of course we had to get clearance on some of these upgraded security features to ship it out of the U.S., but we had to have it in North Africa in time for the arrival of the royal family that was sending it there.

To get in there on time, it had to go air freight. It is actually more difficult than people think to ship these things out of Los Angeles. We had to move it down to Houston on a cargi (a cargo and passenger plane) and then made its way to Amsterdam, Belgium, France, then the southern tip of Spain and then finally to Northern Africa. It took five days but we were able to successfully get it there on time without any problems.

I lost a lot of sleep on that shipment.”

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