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Ed Katz was in town last week heading up another extensive set of seminars for JK’s commercial moving services team. Ed founded and runs the training programs for the International Office Moving Institute (IOMI®), and I had the chance to sit down with him over lunch and catch up on how IOMI is doing in its efforts to spread best practices throughout the moving industry.

What I heard about IOMI’s progress was very encouraging (NOTE: JK Moving Services has been a supporter of the Institute since 1999), but what Ed said specifically about us, I just have to share with you:

In my seminars all over the U.S. and overseas, I hold JK up as the “gold standard” on how to do it right. You use best practice methods that minimize damage to items and buildings. You use the latest equipment to minimize non-productive time for companies (i.e., packing and unpacking). And, JK follows IOMI’s proprietary formula for estimating accurately, ensuring on-time and on-budget moves.  And to top it all off, JK is the only company I work with that sends their entire commercial moving division to the training, from senior management to the sales team to the crew-based staff.  Most other companies only send their “key employees.”

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We’re very flattered, but I must give the credit back to IOMI and its thorough training. We put all of our commercial services employees through this training and we are the only moving company nationwide to be nine-time certified by IOMI. (We’ve also completed IOMI training in Homeland Security.)  We’re quite proud of that.  To learn more about Ed Katz and IOMI, please visit their website.

Check out these videos from our training sessions:

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