The Right Truck for Your Move – Tractor Trailer

Welcome back to our series The Right Truck for Your Move. Last week we talked about our straight truck, used for local and regional moves. This week, we’ll take a look at the truck we use for long distance moves.

JK Moving Services Tractor Trailer
JK Moving Services Tractor Trailer

Tractor Trailer with Sleeper Cab

Logistically, long distance moving is a challenge all its own. To make things more efficient, we often combine the cargo of multiple customers onto the same trailer, loaded in sections, and each independently accessible by a side door. This enables us to make multiple pickups and deliveries in sequence, rather than having to travel out and back for each one. By doing this we can deliver faster, more affordable service to our customers.

Long distance moves also present unique challenges in terms of time. The duration of travel from origin to destination necessitates drivers spending multiple days on the road, so our long distance drivers use sleeper cabs, which incorporate a bunk with the passenger area of the truck. For safety reasons, drivers must observe strict regulations of how many hours they can drive without rest. With sleeping accommodations right on board the truck, we can make transport as quick and as safe as possible.

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