The Right Truck for Your Move – Pack Van

Trucks are at the core of operations in the moving industry, and to almost anyone, a mention of moving will conjure up an image of a moving van. But this doesn’t capture the variety of vehicles that are used in different situations, and sometimes the truck that arrives on move day is different from what a customer expects.

To help our readers understand the types and uses of the different trucks in our fleet (and because we just think trucks are cool), we’re starting a blog post series on The Right Truck for Your Move. In this series, we’ll show you each type of truck in our fleet, what its unique features and functions are, and what kinds of jobs it is best suited for. In this first installment, we’d like to introduce you to the pack van.

JK Moving Services Pack Van
JK Moving Services Pack Van

Pack Van

A pack van is just what it sounds like: a small truck used for packing up your move (sometimes mistakenly called a packing truck). On many moves, this will be the first truck to arrive, preceding a larger truck to your home. With a 14’ cargo area and limited capacity, usually a pack van transports packing materials such as boxes, furniture pads, and specialty containers such as those for flat screen TVs.

In some special cases, such as a piano-only move or a very small studio apartment, the pack van can handle the whole job. This versatile truck has one more use: when access to the home is extremely limited (such as a narrow alley), we’ll use the pack van to shuttle goods from the home to a larger truck parked nearby.

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