The Right Truck for Your Move – Flatbed Trailer

Welcome to the final installment of our series The Right Truck for Your Move. We’ve talked about the pack van for packing materials and special jobs, the straight truck for local and regional moves, long distance moving with a tractor trailer, and storage options with the birdcage trailer. We have one more to introduce you to: the flatbed trailer.

Flatbed Trailer with Crew Cab

Flatbed Trailer with Crew Cab

The flatbed trailer is a versatile truck. It’s an excellent solution for oversized items such as large outdoor furniture or equipment. The other thing to notice in this photo is the crew cab; a tractor meant to accommodate multiple crew members for local jobs. This cab reduces the number of vehicles needed to transport the crew to the job site, as opposed to a sleeper cab, which is designed to accommodate a driver on a long distance trip.

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  1. The date’s in the diary, you’ve told all your friends and family and things are getting really exciting.

    Whether you’re buying or renting, a few deep breaths, a sense of humour and our helpful tips will help make the whole thing as stress-free as possible. So let’s get moving.

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