The Right Truck for Your Move – Birdcage Trailer

Welcome back to our series The Right Truck for Your Move. Last week we talked about long distance moving with a tractor trailer. This week, we’ll take a look at storage solutions with our specialty birdcage trailer.

JK Moving Services Birdcage Trailer
JK Moving Services Birdcage Trailer

Birdcage Trailer

The birdcage trailer allows us to transport and store household goods with no intermittent handling, which gives our customers maximum peace of mind knowing that their belongings will only be handled once. Customer goods won’t be loaded at the house and then unloaded at the warehouse, just to be packed again.

Our standard sized storage vaults are loaded through side-access double doors into the birdcage trailer. They are then transported and loaded at the customer’s home, and securely closed. Whether the vaults are going into short term storage, long term storage, or are being delivered to a different location, they will arrive just as they departed.

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