The Right Truck for Your Commercial Move – Tractor Trailer

Welcome back to The Right Truck for Your Commercial Move. By now you’re familiar with our pack van and straight truck, and we’re guessing you’re ready for the big time. Today we’re taking a look at the tractor trailer.

Commercial Move - Tractor Trailer
Commercial Move – Tractor Trailer

Tractor Trailer

At 53’ from nose to tail, the tractor trailer is the largest vehicle in our commercial moving fleet. Although limited in access to many urban locations due to its size, we use this truck for large loads whenever possible due to its efficiency advantage. If we can get the job done with one tractor trailer instead of two straight trucks, we will. The 4’ trailer height allows backing straight up to the loading dock, and air ride suspension enables some height adjustment to help make loading as smooth and safe as possible.

Both tractor trailers and our straight trucks are loaded using the “floating method,” where pallets of packed and wrapped furniture or other cargo are rolled into the trailer on wheeled dollies, then secured in place using the E-Track cargo control system, which features evenly-spaced tie-down points. Using this method, loading time is dramatically reduced, and the shipped pallets can be rolled right into your new location.

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