The Right Truck for Your Commercial Move – Passenger Van

Welcome to the final installment of The Right Truck for Your Commercial Move. We’re introduced you to the pack van, the straight truck, and the tractor trailer, and last but not least, today we’ll be checking out our passenger van.

Commercial Move – Passenger Van
Commercial Move – Passenger Van

Passenger Van

While it may not be the first vehicle to come to mind when you think of moving, our passenger vans are an important part of our fleet for one reason: for specific uses, they provide a vastly more efficient option instead of using a pack van or a straight truck, and allow us to streamline the moving process, resulting in savings to our customers.

If a job needs more crew members than can ride in the truck, we’ll bring them along in a passenger van instead of a larger vehicle. Need to reference some archived records? If it’s only a few boxes, we may pull the seats out of the passenger van and use it to make the delivery. These choices may seem insignificant, but it all adds up, and every step we can take to improve efficiency, reduce our impact on the environment, and maximize value to our customers is a step we want to take.

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