The Right Truck for Your Commercial Move – Pack Van

We received great feedback on our series on the trucks we use for residential moving, but we’re not done yet. As a dedicated division with its own specific processes, personnel, training, and expertise, commercial moving is a big part of JK. Due to the unique demands of moving businesses, offices, and other commercial facilities, we use some additional trucks, and many specialty methods, to get the job done. So in this series, The Right Truck for Your Commercial Move, we’ll be sharing more unique aspects of our fleet.

Commercial Pack Van
Commercial Pack Van

Pack Van

Despite its small capacity, the pack van has considerable utility. For small equipment and internal moves (from one part of a corporate building or campus to another), it can’t be beat. Its fuel efficiency is also unmatched, making it the most cost-effective vehicle to use when possible. Our Archives division also makes frequent use of the pack van for pick-up and delivery of stored records.

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