The RAMP Program and JK

The moving industry is facing — and continues to face — a serious problem; according to the American Moving & Storage Association (AMSA), the industry is facing a shortage of qualified drivers and needs 750 new recruits per year just to manage current shipment volumes.RAMP - Registered American Moving Professional

What’s the solution to the driver shortage?

Registered American Moving Professionals (RAMP), a program designed in partnership with AMSA, is one answer. RAMP is a three-week training program that involves both classroom and hands-on training. Not only do RAMP students receive four hours of college credit, they receive the opportunity to work for some of the best moving companies in the country.

As Linda Bauer Darr, AMSA President and CEO says, “Our members are clamoring to hire the men and women who complete the RAMP program. The sometimes-overused term ‘win-win’ certainly applies here.”

How is JK helping?

Our regular readers know we take great pride in our training house; it guarantees that our employees are trained and ready to work when they arrive at a customer’s home. JK was pleased to have supplied the training curriculum for this program, using the same proven methods we use every day.

Not only that, JK is committed to hiring four drivers once they graduate from RAMP. These drivers will leave with a CDL Class A license, which means they are certified to drive and service long distance moves. These employees will also receive advanced driver, moving, and packing training.

What is the benefit to the customer?

The same quality standards we use in our hiring practices will carry over from the RAMP program. Applicants will complete a career assessment to see if they are suited for the moving industry, and they will undergo a drug screening and a criminal background check. Customers can rest easy knowing that RAMP graduates are background checked and drug screened prior to entering their home, just like every other JK employee.

The more drivers available the better for customers because independent movers and van lines will be better equipped to service customers. We are confident the RAMP program will be a high-impact program for the industry and we are excited to be involved.

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