The Claims Timeline

Welcome to the second and final installment of our two-part series on the claims process. First, we discussed valuation. Today, we will discuss the claims timeline for the different types of residential moves.

At JK, we understand that moving is stressful and that it can be unnerving watching all of your belongings being loaded up and then driven off to your new home. Even with our full time, fully trained employees there are times when the claims process is necessary. Today, we would like to discuss the responsibilities of the mover and the customer during the claims process for each residential move.

Before we move forward, we would like to answer a question we consistently receive, “Can I fill out multiple claims forms?” The answer to this question is no, you can only fill out one claims form. By only submitting one claim, it creates a more efficient process which allows our team to quickly respond and manage your claim.

Claims Responsibility for the Shipper

For today’s purposes we are going to discuss the responsibilities for six different types of residential moves: Local Moves, Intrastate Moves, Interstate Moves, International Moves, Military and Government Moves.

For Local Residential Moves, a customer has 10 days after delivery to file a claim. We recognize that 10 days can pass quickly which is why we suggest that you unpack your belongings without delay.

For Intrastate Residential Moves, a customer has 30 days after delivery to file their claim. If you are unsure if your move would be designated as “intrastate” or how moves are designated, read here.

For Interstate Residential Moves and International Residential Moves, a customer has 9 months after delivery to file their claim.

For all Military and Government Moves, a customer must notify the carrier of claimed damage and/ or missing items within 75 days of delivery. The customer then has 9 months after delivery to submit the completed claim form.

While a customer does have plenty of time to submit their claim, we strongly recommend submitting your claim as soon as you feel comfortable.

Claims Responsibility for the Moving Company

Just like customers have certain time guidelines with the claims process, the moving company also has a responsibility to respond to you in a timely manner.

For Local, Intrastate, Interstate, and International Residential Moves, the mover you hired has 60 days to settle the claim or show that they are working to bring the claim to closure. An example of “bringing the claim to closure” would be arranging for a handyman to repair a scratched table.

For Military and Government Moves, your assigned mover has 60 days to settle the claim or make a financial offer to you. After the sixty days, the mover has an additional 30 days to forward you the settlement check.

We understand that moving involves a great deal of trust between customers and the mover they choose. If you have any questions regarding the claims process, leave a comment below or discuss with your move coordinator.

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