The Boxless Move – Staying Productive During a Commercial Relocation

Welcome to the second installment of our three-part series, “Staying Productive During a Commercial Relocation.” Today, we will discuss the Boxless Move and then we will discuss Computer Workstations. We previously discussed the Spider Crane.

In our experience, companies view corporate downtime from 5:00 P.M. on Friday to 8:30 A.M. on Monday. To us, corporate downtime is not just when the mover is there, but the time your employees spend preparing for a move and unpacking after the move. To create a more efficient commercial move, we’ve developed a system where we minimize employee downtime and risk of damage.

A commercial relocation can be stressful because everything needs to be boxed up and moved to a new building. This process can increase the amount of downtime your employees experience during and after a move. The Boxless Move reduces the amount of downtime your employees experience during a move.

What’s Involved With the Boxless Move?

An important aspect of the Boxless Move is the Crate and Dolly system. Cardboard boxes are a good option if you are planning on putting something into storage because you will own the box. However, there are risks involved when using cardboard boxes. They are harder to stack on a dolly because heavier boxes will crush the lighter ones if not loaded properly. You also risk your employees hurting themselves by trying to move boxes that weigh 40-60 pounds.

The Crate and Dolly system helps minimize the risk to your employees and the The Boxless Movemisplacement of their items. JK will drop off 20 crates and dollies. When your employees are ready to pack their office or work space, they need only to wheel a dolly in with 4 crates. When they start with one crate in the dolly, they will never have to lift a filled crate; they only have to wheel it around the office.

Once the crate is filled, they close the crate and then stack the next empty crate and load it. When they are done loading their items, they simply leave the crates in their office. When the move is over they will arrive to their office with the same four crates ready to be unloaded. There will be no hunting down their stapler or favorite pen; everything will be the way they left it.

The crates are 20% larger than a cardboard box. This means JK will be moving less volume which will save you and your company time during the move.

What’s better than moving items in a crate? Not having to pack the crate at all. The space gobbler is another aspect of the Boxless Move which will help save your employees time during the move. On qualifying desks, instead of packing and then re-loading the desk after the move, the space gobbler inflates inside the desk, holding everything safely in place. When your employee arrives after the move, their desk will be the same as it was when they left.

If you have questions regarding the Boxless Move, please leave us a note in the comments below. If not, please stay tuned as we continue our three-part series on commercial relocation.

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  1. Great Article Brain.

    Using wheels to shift in spite of holding and then carrying is safer as well as convenient.

    And the best part is it even takes less time.

    Good Post.

  2. Sometimes moving to new place or relocation becomes very difficult and risky because of carrying materials in hand, in your post you suggest concept of wheels for relocation purpose instead of holding it makes all process easier. Thanks Brain!!

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