10 Tips for Moving With Pets

At JK Moving, we realize how stressful moving is for all of the humans in your family, so imagine how stressful moving must be for your pets. With this in mind, we present ten tips to make it easier when you move with your pets.

Tips for moving with your pets

  1. Have your pets out of the way on move day.

    Whether it’s a kennel or a friend’s home, it’s best to have your pets out of your house. This is for their safety, so the movers can avoid stepping on them while moving a couch, or having your pet run out the front door. If your pets are in the house, make sure they are in a confined area outside and away from the walkways to the truck.

  2. Talk to your vet before you leave and fill any prescriptions that your pet may need prior to the move.

    Depending on where you are moving, you may be required to show a recent Health Certificate. Talk to the vet and understand all of the paperwork you will need prior to the move and get recommendations for a new vet.

  3. Update the pet ID tags.

    Once on the road, switch your pet’s ID tags so they have the new address. This way, if the pet sneaks away, you will be contacted at your new home rather than your former home.

  4. Give your pets a few days to get acclimated to being in a crate.

    Giving your pets an opportunity to acclimate to the crate will help you decide if sedatives are necessary while traveling. If you think a mild sedative is necessary, talk to your vet.

  5. If traveling by plane, verify that your airline accepts pets.

    Ask the airline about extra fees associated with flying your pet. While verifying the extra fees, confirm the specific measurements of crates needed for your pet.

  6. If traveling by car, make sure to keep paper towels and other cleaning supplies on hand.

    Better to be safe than sorry in this instance.

  7. If traveling by car and with more than one pet, keep them in separate crates.

    While they may be the best of friends in the house, your pets may not like sharing space while driving.

  8. If the trip is more than one day of driving, make sure the hotel is pet friendly.

    Ask the front desk if there is a way to designate to the staff that there is a pet in your room.  A scared or confused pet may try to escape if given the opportunity.

  9. When you stop to eat, allow your pets to eat with you.

    Leaving a dog or cat in a car while you eat could lead to dehydration. Get take-out and let the animals eat with you.

  10. Pets are creatures of habit, so try to keep to your routine as best you can.

    Feeding, exercising and playing with your pets should continue at the usual times. This routine will help your pets settle in to the new location.

These ten tips are simple ideas and suggestions to help when moving with your pets. If you have specific questions, reach out to your current vet or let us hear from you in the comments section below, and we will be sure to answer any specific concerns that may arise in your move. In the meantime, feel free to read more Tips for Moving with Pets.


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