7 Keys to a Smooth Move

Our goal is to provide all customers with an excellent moving experience. Even if we do not have the privilege of servicing your move, we still want to provide you with tools and information to make an informed decision. 1. Three in-home estimates We stress getting three in-home estimates because the on-site estimators will be better suited to give a more accurate estimate and prepare their operations team. An on-site estimator is able to better understand how much you will be moving. On-site estimators will review the logistics of your home, like stairways and the length of your driveway, and […]

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How Does JK Keep Estimates Accurate?

Accurate estimates allow a customer to set a firm budget and plan which services they will require. JK’s residential move consultants undergo extensive, hands-on training to ensure that the in-home estimates customers receive are accurate. Sales Team Mentors New move consultants at JK are mentored by experienced sales team members. By shadowing an experienced salesperson, the new consultant learns what questions to ask, how to account for every item during the walk-through of the house, and how to comfortably interact with customers and relay relevant information. Practicing in the JK Training House All new move consultants at JK must develop […]

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Ask A Mover: Are There Any Risks With A Binding Estimate?

Editor’s Note: Welcome back to “Ask A Mover,” a series of blog posts addressing a specific question or part of the moving process. Today’s topic is, “Are there any risks with a binding estimate?” We invite you to leave any questions you want answered in the comments below, or on Facebook, on Twitter using the hashtag “#AskAMover.” As you prepare for your move, you should receive three in-home estimates. As the moving representative surveys your home, they will provide you an estimate based on where you are moving to and how much you will be moving. You can receive either […]

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What Should You Expect When Choosing JK?

They say moving is one of the most stressful events in a person’s life. Today, we explain what you should expect from JK, and how we create a worry-free move. In-home estimates A certified move consultant will come to your home and walkthrough the house. By seeing all the items that are going (and not going) our consultants are able to create an accurate estimate, which will be available to you before JK leaves the house. This allows JK the opportunity to discuss the estimate in the home, instead of later in the day over the phone. Of course, our […]

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Ask a mover: Why should I avoid an estimate based on cubic feet?

Regular readers know we strongly encourage customers to receive three in-home estimates before deciding on a mover. The in-home estimates allow the movers’ representatives to see all of the items that will be moved (and what won’t be moved) to create an accurate estimate. Movers will use a “cube sheet,” a table that determines the size and weight of your shipment, to show how much trailer space will be used. However, your estimate should be based on weight. One of the common questions we hear is, “Why should my long distance move estimate be based on weight and not volume?” […]

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