Some Things Are Really Cooking at JK

Cooking at the JK Moving Services BBQ

Twice a year, employees of JK Moving Services get together for a cookout in front of the headquarters in Sterling VA. What is special about these events is that the cook behind the grill is a certified chef as well as long-time JK Moving Services employee. His passion for cooking has always run deep. For long over 15 years, Bobby Harris has  prepared his signature sauces and marinades for sausages, chicken and ribs, days in advance. This insures that they have that “unique” flavor when they come off the grill and hit your plate.

JK Moving Services employees at the Fall BBQ

For the 100 plus employees and family members that came for the cookout this last Thursday, Bobby pulled out all of the “stops” so that his fellow employees could taste the best BBQ he has to offer.  My favorite item was the sausages that are hung in a smoker for 24 hours so that they have that perfect seasoned taste. This taste is somewhere between hickory and sweet taste of the sausages themselves. Crispy on the outside and juicy inside, it is hard to imagine any that could taste better.

Bobby's hand smoked sausages are the best.

Chuck Kuhn, President of JK Moving Services,  has always supported Bobby’s passion for cooking and in fact one day surprised him by “borrowing” his cooking certificates and then having them framed. These certificates now hang proudly in Bobby’s house along with the JK Moving Services uniform that Bobby has hanging in his closet.

For more pictures of the event please visit the JK Moving Services Flickr page.

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