From Shredding to Digital Imaging: What to Do with Confidential Data

What does your company do with confidential files and data that are no longer needed?

Photos from a recent move in which a company did not properly discard confidential information
Photos from a recent move in which a company did not properly discard confidential information


One of the biggest opportunities for a company to fall victim to security breaches is when confidential data or files are no longer needed.  Unfortunately, many times confidential and personal information are thrown out without being shredded or destroyed properly leaving companies at great risk.

Since there are no laws against “dumpster diving” in many states, your business has no claim to privacy once these documents are thrown out.

You can purchase a paper shredder, although these machines can only manage so much paper at a time and they cannot dispose of electronic or digitally-stored data. Instead, your organization can hire a shredding service which securely eliminates documents and hard drives alike. Whether you need weekly service or have a large, one-time destruction project, you can hire JK Moving Services to provide secure solutions.

Along with shredding documents, JK has the ability to provide a complete information management solution.  One that can store confidential files securely in a digital library which can be accessed at any time along with traditional hard copy document storage services.  This combination of services creates a cost effective solution to meet the needs of any organization.

We utilize production scanning equipment that operates at a speed that allows us to capture images at a high level while maintaining the ability to have a naked eye image quality check at each capture point.

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