Self-Storage Tips: What to Consider Before Moving Your Belongings


U.S. Census data revealed over 35 million Americans move every year. This, along with the growing demand for space, is one of the many reasons we now find almost one in every ten households is now renting a self-storage unit.

If you happen to be one of the millions planning a move in the near future or just happen to need more space for your things, we have some self-storage tips for you to consider before moving your belongings.

If you hire a professional moving company, they should come to your home, nicely wrap your furniture and fragile items in cloth padding, then stack and load those items in the truck. It is only when you see them unloading your belongings you realize the padding is not included.

Many companies, including JK Moving Services, give you the option to have your items re-wrapped in paper padding for a small extra cost. They will then load your items with the extra wrapping safely into storage. This often prevents many incidents of damage and can protect your belongings better long-term.

You need to be present when the movers load and unload your belongings to ensure that all services are performed properly and that all the paperwork is in order.

If you can’t be present during the time of loading or delivery, you can appoint an “agent” to act on your behalf, like a friend or relative. If you decide to use a 3rd party agent, you must inform your moving company of this change, and this is often done in writing.

You will want to make sure you check your inventory and make sure there is no damage to your belongings upon delivery. There is often a statute of limitations on when you can report damage. If there was damage during the move you will need to report it.

With JK Moving Services, our policy is that you must note any damage at the time of delivery into the self-storage unit. It cannot be reported at a later date or time; it must be noted while our driver is on-site with you (or your designated agent), making the delivery.

However, if you realize something was broken and you wait beyond the mover’s stated timeframe for filing a claim, many times they will not be held responsible. Ultimately, there is no proof the damage occurred during the actual move and not afterward.

So while professional movers are trained to load and unload your items with the utmost of care, it is very important that you watch your belongings get loaded and unloaded in the off-chance anything gets scratched or broken.

Often, moving companies will pack your items into your mini-storage unit in a very tight and efficient way. However, keep in mind this may prove difficult for you if you intend to make frequent trips to your facility to load and unload items; some items may be harder to reach than others.

Lastly, if you are using a moving company, chances are they will be using large trucks to move your items. Some storage facilities may have driveways that can only accommodate certain vehicle weight and size limits.

If a truck cannot drive up to your storage unit, you may have to pay what is known as a “shuttle fee” which could cost you an extra several hundred dollars. The reason it costs more is because they will have to move your belongings two more times; first to a second, more accessible truck and then off the truck into the storage facility itself.

Find out what is the maximum size a vehicle can be to drive up to the storage unit to load and unload your items. Many storage facilities have wide enough driveways to accommodate even large trucks, but it is important to ask them and tell them you are using a moving company. Some units may be more accessible than others.

JK Moving Services can safely and efficiently move you in and out of mini-storage. Our professional staff can wrap, load and drive your belongings (in an appropriate sized truck) to your destination and unload your items with the utmost of care. We also offer convenient alternatives to self-storage.

If you would like to learn more or get a quote, contact us at 1.800.673.8487.

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