Quality Control at JK Moving

Our goal is always to deliver an exceptional move experience for all of our customers. This is why we “train in our house, not yours” with all of our employees receiving hands-on training in our training house before they ever enter your home. During the training, our employees are moving, packing, and wrapping typical household belongings they would normally find in a home. In addition to the training we provide employees, we rely on other methods to ensure a great move for our customers.

Planned Job Checks

We regularly send our quality control manager or another member of our Operations team to perform a job check. When on the job, the quality control manager makes sure that the crew is doing everything they have been trained to do. 99% of the time there are no concerns but if there are we can quickly address them.

Review Sites

We read and respond to every review we read on Yelp and Angie’s List. We use these reviews as indicators of what we are doing well and what we can improve upon. We also make sure to respond to reviews to make sure we properly identify any issues, and can prevent them in the future. These honest and direct reviews are incredibly valuable. We encourage anyone who has moved with us to leave a review.

Online Surveys

Another great way for us to get customer feedback is ask for it. After a move is finished, we ask our customers to complete an online survey. The survey focuses on all aspects of the move, which means our sales team, move coordinators, moving crew, and claims team are all being reviewed. With the surveys, we can determine benchmarks and a score of how we’re doing based on the feedback our customers give us.

We would not be able to accomplish these successes without the constant, real-time, honest feedback from our customers. We use the feedback to learn what we need to focus on and as an opportunity to highlight our employees who consistently deliver for our customers. So please, let us know how we’re doing!

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