Providing Customers With Accurate Estimates

One of the keys to a successful move is receiving an accurate estimate. The estimate allows customers to set a budget and know exactly which services they will receive.

So how does JK Moving prepare our residential moving consultants to give accurate estimates?

Ride-alongs with the sales team

All new move consultants are mentored by experienced sales team members. By shadowing a veteran salesperson, the new consultants learn firsthand how to perform an accurate estimate. They learn what questions to ask, how to account for all items during the walk-through in the house, and how to get comfortable interacting with customers.

Estimate the weight of the training house

We test our new move consultants by having them create an estimate for our training house. The training house is an excellent test because we know the weight of all the items in the house. If an estimate is not accurate, we work with the consultant to help them understand which item they estimated incorrectly and review how to accurately estimate its weight.

Packing and wrapping class

Our move consultants attend the same classes and receive the same hands-on training as our crews. Through this training, our sales team understands the work our crews perform every day and how long those tasks take.

Ride-alongs with the crews

After their training, our sales team works on actual moves as a member of the crew. This takes them out of the training house and provides the experience of an actual move. They will work on every type of truck so they know which truck is appropriate for your move.

Using technology

The iPad is an incredible resource for our consultants. With the training they receive, they create estimates and email them (or print them) while in the customer’s house. Because customers receive their estimate before the consultant leaves, the consultant can review the estimate with the customer and answer questions on the spot.


After the extensive JK training, new move consultants then take a certification test from the American Moving & Storage Association to become certified move consultants. We also provide training opportunities for the sales consultants who want to become Registered International Movers or Senior Move Managers.

We believe that training and hands-on experience allow our move consultants to provide accurate estimates for our customers.

If you have questions regarding our training, or recurring training, process please leave a note below in the comments section.


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