Preventing Identity Theft — JK Hosts a Shredding and Recycling Day for Employees

JK Celebrates Earth Day 2016

To celebrate Earth Day, JK is encouraging its employees to bring in any personal documents and electronics they want to securely dispose of and recycle throughout the week. Using the professional shredding equipment of JK Archives, JK employees can trust that their paper documents, cell phones, computer hardware, etc. will undergo proper destruction and recycling procedures.

When getting rid of old computer hardware, be sure to securely wipe or destroy the hard drive. Emptying your computer’s recycling bin is not a secure way to delete data – the data still actually exists on the hard drive and a persistent criminal can acquire your private information. It is vital that you take the proper measures to completely wipe or destroy the hard drive.

Dr. Simson Garfinkel of Harvard’s Center for Research on Computation and Society conducted a study where he purchased 1,000 hard drives from eBay and tried to recover private information from each of them. He discovered that 81% of the drives were not wiped prior to being sold and many still contained private information. Some of the hard drives he acquired contained information from ATMs, medical centers, supermarket credit card processors, and a travel agency that had data on travel plans, credit cards, social security numbers, and ticket information. This is why it is vital for both consumers and businesses to use a professional shredding service to securely wipe data from your old hard drives prior to selling or disposing of them.

When doing your personal Spring Cleaning or upgrading office equipment, make sure that you dispose of your documents and electronics safely and securely. Nobody wants to be one of the millions of Americans that fall victim to identity theft every year!

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