Preparing For Your Move – Estimates

MoveChat, where moving stories, tips, and advice are sharedOn the third Thursday of the month, movers from across North America participate in a discussion on Twitter, called MoveChat, where stories, tips, and advice are shared. Every chat, we discuss a specific part of the moving process. This week the topic was, “Preparing For Your Move – Estimates” and what follows is an edited transcript of the discussion. To follow along, simply log into Twitter and follow the hashtag #movechat.

Q1. Why in-home estimates? Why can’t I just do everything over the phone?

HolmanMoving It’s really important for your mover to do a physical survey of the home to obtain an accurate estimate!

jkmoving Best for customers to have a trained professional look at items. They know the weights -> more accurate estimate

HolmanMoving Remember, your move cost is based on weight

jkmoving Can be time and materials, but accurate weight still important RT @HolmanMoving: A1 Remember, your move cost is based on weight

HAuston There is so much that you cannot “See” over the phone. An onsite estimate could potentially save the client money and stress.

MovingChicago Showing our product and services is key for our client to trust us.

Q2. How far in advance should customers schedule estimates?

jkmoving If customers are planning to move this summer they should start getting estimates now. And “lock in” their dates ASAP

HolmanMoving Great point – the busy season is here!

HAuston Depends- As soon as possible. Summer moves need to be schedule early!

MovingChicago Once they sign their lease or buy their new home. Motivation and cost effective spending is the key to a successful move.

jkmoving The sooner you get your estimates, the more time you have to compare them. Don’t want to be rushed into decision.

Q3. What are some tips to compare estimates?

HAuston Be sure to provide the same information to all potential movers.

jkmoving Look at the estimated weight to start and then number of people and hours. If you have questions, ask your estimator

MovingChicago Compare Yelp pages. Also, get the 411 on what other services the provide. I.E- licensed, long distance, storage, etc

HolmanMoving don’t get caught in a scam based on a super low price. ESPECIALLY if an in home estimate wasn’t completed

We hope you enjoyed reading the transcript and we welcome you to join in the next chat or continue the conversation in the comments below.

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  1. Hi great blog certainly for customers to have a trained professional look at items. They know the weights more accurate estimate
    Can make the work far much easy and comfortable.Surely have to agree with all the points . All in one a great blog . Cheers 🙂

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