Planning a Valentine’s Day Date While Moving


Valentine’s Day is coming up! That means some one-on-one time with your special someone. Unfortunately, you are in the middle of moving homes and in all the busy-ness you forgot to properly plan for some holiday romance. No need to worry; JK Moving Services has some tips that will help you keep the holiday loving and romantic.

Choose to Go Out or Stay In

First, decide whether you would like to go out for dinner or stay in and cook a meal for your date. We recommend going out, since this does not interfere with any of your packing and you will not need to worry about how your home looks in the midst of the move. Depending on where you are in your move, you may not even know which box your pots and pans are in!

Going Out

If you choose to go out, you first need to find a restaurant. If you have just moved and are not familiar with the area, ask others for recommendations—use this as an opportunity to meet your neighbors, or give your realtor a call and see if they have recommendations. If you are leaving the area, visit a top local restaurant. Make a reservation and be sure to confirm it within 48 hours of the date–things can get mixed up with all of the Valentine’s Day reservations. Valentine’s Day is one of the busiest times of the year for restaurants, so consider going out for brunch or an early dinner to avoid crowds.

Staying In

If you prefer to stay in and make a meal yourself, there is more preparation involved. Now, choose a meal to cook for your date. Make something that both of you will enjoy, something you have made previously (now is not a good time to experiment with a dish you’ve never cooked before!), and be aware of any allergies your date has. When heading to the local supermarket with your list of ingredients, make the most of your time and pick up some gifts for your Valentine, such as chocolates or flowers. You may also pick up candles to decorate your home while much of your belongings are still in boxes. If you just moved, take an afternoon to unpack your kitchen and dining area − you’ll now appreciate having labeled all of your boxes when you packed. If you are about to move, make your kitchen one of the final areas to be packed. Paper plates and plastic-ware won’t create the atmosphere you are shooting for!

Prepare for the Valentine’s Day Date

Now that you have made a restaurant reservation or planned a meal at home, you need to prepare for the day of the date. Move boxes into separate rooms, and decorate your home as you see fit. Prepare the meal, or call the restaurant to confirm the reservation. If you are cooking, account for the time you will spend cleaning up after yourself. If you are going out, make sure your car is clean and has gas before you pick up your date. You may also want to peek at traffic and weather updates.

Your meal is set, gifts have been purchased, and you have done the necessary tidying. You are all set for your Valentine’s Day date in the midst of your move!


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