Piano Moving? We Are Playing Your Tune.

This Piano is waiting to be moved.

According to Wikipedia, “The Piano is a musical instrument played by means of a keyboard.” For the rest of us it can be so much more. Many families have pianos in their homes that not only offer the pleasure of music but the beauty and elegance of a crafted instrument that is often situated in their living room for all to see.

Pianos come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Grand pianos, have strings that run horizontal down the length of the case from the keyboard. They come in different sizes as well. Concert grand (the largest), parlor grand and baby grand. Upright pianos have the strings running vertically and are distinctive because they do not have the long bodies that grand pianos have and are perfect when space is a concern. There are studio upright, console upright and spinet upright pianos. The studio upright allows for the full set of keys with normal hammers that strike the strings.

What all pianos have in common is that they are rather large and are very heavy. When it comes time to move your belongings, the piano is an object that needs to be handled carefully so that no damage is done to the instrument or the home in which it is in or going to. You should always have a piano moved professionally. Professional movers can provide the necessary expertise and handling that will insure that it arrives in the best working order.

Chris Perry of JK Moving Services has facilitated thousands of piano moves and they have a dedicated process for moving them.

  1. The condition of the piano should be evaluated by the homeowner and movers to make sure that the piano arrives in the same shape as when it left.
  2. If it is a grand piano, the legs are carefully removed as well as the pedal extension.
  3. For upright pianos, the case is wrapped in pads and cellophane.
  4. The body is carefully wrapped in pads and covered with cellophane to hold the pads in place.
  5. The legs are wrapped and carried separately.
  6. 4 to 6 individuals assist in moving a grand piano. Some will offer guidance through the house while the others will have their hands on the case to make sure it moves without incident.
  7. Once transported to its destination, the piano is reassembled.
  8. Since pianos need regular tuning to stay in pitch, it is recommended that the piano is tuned after each move.

With your piano safely delivered, the keys will be waiting for the next time you can faithfully play. A piano lives to be played!


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