Off To School, Tears and Thoughtful Packing

It is this time of year that brings about a ritual full of both joy and emotion for so many families. In middle to late August, sons and daughters pack up their processions, put them in luggage or boxes and head off to schools located far and wide. It could be a car trip or plane ride or even bus, but one way or another they are entering a new world that requires them to relocate. For parents, it is a time of change as our children who once roamed the yard and climbed the trees are now off on their own. For our kids, it is exciting, joyful and maybe a little stressful.

Freshman heading off for the first time will have many questions. Where will I be living, how big is my dorm room, what is the neighborhood like, how long is the walk to class and maybe most important, what do I pack for college. We are experts at moving families so besides our own advice, we thought we would share some interesting articles on packing for college:

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What the articles above stress is to pack lightly but try not to forget the essentials. Bring those items that you use everyday but don’t bring items you may not use in the near future. Winter clothes can be brought back over holidays and your 4th pair of jeans may not actually fit in the drawers you are provided. If you a diversity of clothing that can be worn over several weeks then you may last the entire semester. Pack as light as possible and then bring or ship items that you find you must have and certainly know you have room for. Place your liquids in sealed plastic bags and keep them separate from your clothing if possible. Know that you can easily pick up items such as detergent, shampoo and other items at your local store rather than risk carrying them up in your luggage. If you are on the fence about some items, pack them in a box and have them sent after you have had a chance.

College is an exciting time in your life and you will find that the most important thing you to take to school is a willingness to learn and an open mind.

Best of luck to all parents who are sending their children off to school and congratulations to the class of 2014!


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