Nate Kost — From Part-Time Helper to Accounting Manager

Nate Kost began his career at JK Moving Services on the trucks as a moving helper. When JK found out he was looking for an accounting internship, the HR team reached out and let Nate know about an accounting internship available at JK. Now, Nate is JK’s Accounting Manager, and earned his Master’s degree through JK’s tuition assistance program.

It all started with a part-time job as a moving helper! We are glad that Nate took advantage of JK’s employee benefits, and could not be more proud of his commitment to growth. Listen to Nate tell his story in the video below.

This video is part of JK’s #TalentTuesday series, which you can view immediately as they are posted on Tuesdays to our social media pages: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

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