Moving To California? CARB Regulations and What it Means For You

California is known as one of the most health conscious states in the country. You may be surprised to learn the term “CARB” no longer refers just to the thing supermodels try to avoid, but has truck owners concerned as 5858514507_bcca8dc7b6_zwell. In this case, “CARB” refers to the California Air Resources Board – or the “clean air agency.”

Recently, the Air and Resources Board passed regulations requiring heavy trucks that operate within California to install new – and often expensive — filtering technology to decrease toxic pollutants and emissions.

No matter where vehicles are registered and primarily operate, they must comply with CARB regulations when they travel within California.

This can be a challenge when hiring a moving company to help you relocate to the Golden State.

If truck owners are unable to install the new filtering technology, they are then required to upgrade to newer model trucks that already are equipped with at least a 2010 (model year) engine which comply with the new standards.

Depending on the year the vehicle was made as well as the size of the truck, fleet owners will most  likely have to upgrade either to a 2002 MY (model year) engine or a 2010 MY engine.

If the Air and Resources Board finds that a truck is not in compliance, they can fine the truck owner anywhere between $1,000 to $10,000 per-day for serious violations.

Last year, the San Bernardino County Superior Court fined a trucking company $300,000 after a CARB investigation revealed the carrier failed to upgrade 32 transport refrigeration units with 2002-model-year (or newer) diesel engines.

Companies that have a big fleet of trucks, such as a moving company, are often finding it expensive to upgrade their vehicles.

For this reason many moving companies are refraining from conducting moves within the state of California. This may also force movers to raise the prices for their services.

Moving To California?

If you are moving to California, you may want to check and see if the moving company you have hired is CARB compliant.

It could be that most of their trucks are not CARB compliant and they may want to avoid operating in the Golden State.

Here are some key questions to ask your moving company before hiring them:

  • Does your company manage moves into and out of the state of California?
  • If so, do you have trucks that meet the new CARB emission standards?
  • Are there additional costs to me due to the new regulations?
  • If you are not currently CARB compliant, how do you move items in and out of the state?

JK Moving Services is currently moving toward making sure all of our trucks are CARB compliant. Currently, 75 percent of our trucks meet the regulations and thus our company has not been affected by the recent requirements.

If you are considering a move to California, you can rest assured JK can responsibly manage your move without any added cost due to CARB regulations.

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