Moving the Washington Nationals on Game Day.

Washington Nationals

It started off as a rainy Sunday morning when I set out with the JK Moving Services team to move the Washington Nationals but by game time it was a spectacular Washington day. Whenever the Nationals  have an away game, two truckloads of equipment and luggage must make their way with the team to the next destination. Today they were playing the Baltimore Orioles and on Tuesday they would be playing the San Francisco Giants. In order to make sure everything arrives on-time and the team has everything it needs, the team and JK Moving Services carefully orchestrate the movement of items such as training gear, bats, player bags and anything else they might need.

JK Moving Services outside of Nats Stadium

We pulled up to the Washington Nationals Stadium after the game had started and then proceeded into the underground loading area outside of the clubhouse. Security was tight, but once inside it was awesome to see all of the activities and staff that make the game experience complete.

Loading at the Washington Nationals game

JK Moving Services first loads the players bags that will travel with them to the away game location. A second truck will load game equipment, bats, hats, and anything else they take on the road. About half of the bags and creates can be loaded early with the rest getting packed after the game ends. The whole process can take a span of 4 hours or more. Once the equipment is loaded  and the  last bag is on the truck, we headed off to Dulles Airport.

Loading the plane

The JK Moving Services trucks back up to a conveyor belt and “we” start unloading. OK, I actually watched and took pictures but I felt like part of the team. Jason and Jamad quickly unloaded the various bags and boxes on to the loading belt.

JK Moving Services at Dulles Airport

The second truck unloaded the personal bags of the Washington Nationals team players.

JK Moving Services mission completed

Mission Complete and ready for take-off! The plane is loaded and our job is done. It was a long yet inspiring day in moving activity. Everything was delivered and our home team was off to carry on their winning tradition.

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Check out more of the photos from the Washington Nationals’ move on the JK Moving Services Flickr account.

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