Moving Day Checklist – Day of the Move

Welcome back to our series “Moving Day Checklist.” We recently discussed what to start planning 1-2 weeks prior to your desired move date. Today, we’ll take a look at what to do on the day of the move.

Moving Day Checklist – Day of the Move

Moving with ChildrenFirst and most importantly, be available to your movers and packers on the day of the move. The movers you selected may have questions and will need your input right away. Second most important tip for move day, let the movers do what you’re paying them to do.

If you’ve decided to pack on your own, be ready when the movers show up. When the movers arrive, they’ll be ready to start working immediately. If you are unable to pack all of your belongings ahead of time, call your move coordinator before move day to come to a solution.

Set up a play date for your children. If you can’t set up a play date, it might be a good time to let your children watch that movie or play that game they’ve wanted for weeks. You’ll want them occupied and out of harm’s way.

Leave your pets in a contained area or locked in a room. Pets are curious, and like to know what’s going on. This can be dangerous for our crews and your belongings if your dog is running around the house.

Stay at your home for the entirety of the move. You’ll want to do a final walkthrough to make sure nothing was missed, so check all your closets, attic, and storage spaces. Once you’re sure everything has been loaded, sign your Bill of Lading.

Moving is stressful, no doubt. But these tips will help you prepare for a smooth move. If you have any questions or tips, please share them in the comments below.

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