MoveChat – Planning Ahead for Your Move

Every Tuesday, movers from across North America participate in a discussion on Twitter, called MoveChat, where stories, tips and advice are shared. Every week, we discuss a specific part of the moving process. This week the topic was, “Planning Ahead for Your Move” and what follows is an edited transcript of the discussion. We invite you to view the full discussions by logging into Twitter and following the hashtag #movechat.

Q1. What is the very first step people should take once they have decided to move?

RELORoundtable Decide what they want to move! Too many folks become overwhelmed by their decision to relocate. Not everything has to go.

MovingBusiness gather as many details as you can, what are you moving where when etc.

MovePoint Purge their belongings.

PortageCartage Downsize. Put on a garage sale, donate to charity, and throw stuff away. Less to move = less money & less hassle.

jkmoving Decide what’s being moved, donated, thrown away, part of the yard sale.

Andrews_Moving I would say decide if they’re going to move themselves or go w/ a co.!

MovingBusiness put together a checklist of items for your customers to do tell them to check them off one at a time.

RELORoundtable The best place to start, especially for older transferees, is to purge and sort one (1) room.

HAuston Establish a budget!

Q2. Even if people are waiting for their house to sell (or other factors) are there actions they can take to make moving easier?

MovingBusiness make sure all boxes are labeled, double check all items are packed. Disassemble appliances

HAuston Get a written plan for moving.

jkmoving Receive an in home estimate (from three different movers) so you can set a budget.

PortageCartage Start a list of the people & companies you’ll need to inform of your new address. Compare it against the mail you receive.

RELORoundtable If using professional movers, get 3 “free” in-home estimates to use to determine budget requirements.

jkmoving Start packing. It always takes longer than expected. Get a jump on it while you have the time.

Andrews_Moving If doing their own packing, pack out-of-season-items.

movingpro Get organized. Label boxes, Have a plan of where things will go. Gather personal records. Plan to use up food before the move.

RELORoundtable If DIY, determine size of truck, and amount of packing material and moving equipment will be required. Harder than you think!

RELORoundtable Donate your unused staples to Move for Hunger.

Q3. When should people start looking for a moving company?

MovingBusiness immediately, that will give you options and time to schedule in-home estimates.

PortageCartage Select a mover a MINIMUM of 2 weeks before you want to move. Give yourself another 2 weeks to select one.

RELORoundtable Once they figure out what relocation products or services they can afford. The earlier the better – especially after May 1.

jkmoving Once the house is on the market or 6-8 weeks before the move date.

jkmoving Necessary to give yourself enough time to compare estimates, research and make informed decision.

HAuston ASAP!

Q4. What should people be doing at origin to prepare for the move?

PortageCartage Make a clear path for the movers: shovel snow, move kids’ toys, trim overhanging branches, etc.

RELORoundtable If they haven’t found a new home yet, check available resources at destination based on their individual or family requirements.

jkmoving disconnecting electronics/appliances; making parking or elevator reservations; notifying neighbors so they can move vehicles.

MovingBusiness arrange for pets and kids to stay at friends or family.

PortageCartage Arrange to have young children and pets offsite during the move.

HAuston Organize. Clearly identify items not to be moved. Have a plan for high value items.

MovingBusiness empty gas from mowers.

MovingBusiness in some cases call an exterminator BEFORE calling a mover =)

Q5. What should people be doing at destination to prepare for the move?

MovingBusiness mask your carpets ahead of time, take extra precautions in case the movers don’t.

HAuston Be present!

PortageCartage Get the basics into the bathroom right away.

HAuston Have a floor plan available.

jkmoving Don’t micro-manage, but stay with the crew and answer questions.

MovingBusiness play traffic cop and tell them what rooms the items belong in.

RELORoundtable Find out about local traffic regulations and take note of access/eggress problems in front of the residence.

HAuston Hopefully adequate labeling so that each box does not have to be opened to determine the contents and final room designation!

jkmoving If you’re moving into an apt. complex make sure you’ve reserved the elevators and loading dock.

MovingBusiness be prepared to pay for your move, payment is generally due before items are unloaded.

Q6. What are some common moving day pitfalls and how can they be avoided?

MovingBusiness Not being prepared…waiting till the last minute.

PortageCartage Tips! If you’re a tipper, have the cash ready, but only give it out if you feel the crew truly deserves it.

MovingBusiness Underestimating how long it takes to pack everything you own.

RELORoundtable Take the driver aside and tell him what you want. Let him manage the process. It’s an easier way to meet your expectations.

jkmoving If you have elected to do a self-pack, make sure you’re ready when the movers show up.

HAuston Having enough manpower,equipment and materials to safely complete your move is important.Detailed survey is vital!

jkmoving Know ahead of time who to contact in case there is an issue with the move.


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