Meeting the People of JK: Eric Vislay


Eric_Judie_VislayWho is Eric Vislay?

I grew up and have lived in Northern Virginia for my entire life. I attended Virginia Tech and studied business management, before returning to Northern Virginia. I have two kids—Tanner (10) and Teagan (8) with my wife Judie.

What are your interests outside of work?

My family is big on traveling. Judie loves to travel, so our family tries to make three trips every year—during winter holidays, spring break, and the summer. We visit a different place each time and every location offers a unique, enjoyable experience.

Eric_Vislay drumsI also love coaching my sons’ sports teams. For a while, I coached my son Tanner’s travel baseball team. My younger son, Teagan, is starting basketball for the first time, so I decided to coach his team this year. It’s great to be able to spend that time with each of them.
I am a big music lover. I have been playing in bands for 25 years and I have been a drummer in an alternative-rock band called Smart Bomb for five years. We practice once a week at a member’s studio in his house and I use a digital drum set—it allows me to practice normally without having to worry about the noise, since all of the sound is routed into my headphones.

What is your role at JK?

I am a Certified Moving Consultant, so I visit families that are getting ready to move to discuss their needs and prepare them for their move. The job is great because I get to meet new people and personalities. No day at work is ever the same as the last, which is refreshing and keeps me energized. I have always loved this job.

What attracted you to this line of work?

It began as a part-time summer job for a (different) moving company, assisting in various areas from the warehouse to dispatch. After a couple of years, I was offered a full-time position, which had me working in account management, dispatch, and sales. Not long after, I was offered a full-time sales position.

How did you first hear of JK?Vislay family

After that company was sold, many of my coworkers were hired by JK. I was contemplating changing industries, but my former coworkers kept telling me to interview with JK and spoke highly of its company culture. Eventually, I interviewed with JK. I was so impressed that I accepted a position as a moving consultant.

How long have you been with JK?

I joined JK in 2003, so nearly 13 years.

What are some of your most memorable experiences at JK?

I will always remember President George W. Bush coming to JK—that was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. More broadly, the company culture at JK is something that has always stuck with me. Everyone at JK, beginning with CEO and President, Chuck Kuhn, is welcoming and open-minded, always looking to improve and making sure every good idea is heard.


What are some of your future goals?

I would like to retire at JK. Until then, I look forward to an expanded role as the company continues to grow. My experiences have given me a lot of versatility that I am eager to put that to use.


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