4 Tips on How to Meet Your New Neighbors

Sometimes moving to a new location can be hard on your social life. Making new friends isn’t always easy when you are an adult. It’s important to get to know your neighbors ─ you may even make a few life-long friends!

Meeting the neighbors can be daunting if you are somewhat shy. Chances are they are probably just as shy to approach you as you are of them. Perhaps you or your neighbor will need someone to keep an eye on the home or feed the pets while on vacation. Or maybe you want to meet the family whose kids are the same age as yours.  There are plenty of reasons why it is beneficial to get to know the people who surround you. Here are four approaches to getting to know your new neighbors:

1. Bring over a gift

Nothing says “Welcome to the neighborhood” or “I have arrived” quite like a fresh batch of homemade cookies. If you are the one welcoming your new neighbors (who just moved in) you might want to also consider a thoughtful house-warming gift.

Go over and introduce yourself with your lovely gift and offer your assistance if ever they need anything from you.

If your neighbors aren’t home and you are more of the shy type who is apprehensive of approaching them, try leaving the gift by the door with a note. Most likely, they will come over and thank you personally for the gift.

2. Use your kids and pets as an excuse to strike up a conversation

One of the easiest ways to strike up a conversation with a neighbor with kids or pets is to compliment them. Parents love talking about their kids. Ask the parents questions, compliment their kids, and then introduce yourself as the new neighbor.

If your neighbors don’t have kids, they may have pets. A lot of dog owners find themselves making casual conversation with other pup lovers when their furry friends great each other and get their leashes intertwined! (Don’t forget our helpful tips on moving your pet.)

Be sure to use those opportunities to learn your neighbor’s name. You can also use this opportunity to ask about local dog parks or vets in the area.

3. Neighborhood gatherings

If you have recently moved into a large apartment community, many of them have monthly get-togethers for residents. Use that as an opportunity to get to know people.  If you have moved within the summer months, be on the look-out for neighborhood block parties. Bring a dish and mingle.

4. Common spaces and hangout spots

More and more communities often have “common areas” which are spaces that are open for all residents to enjoy. Many times these will be club houses or lounges or even a “tot lot.” Take some reading or light work with you and use that as an opportunity to get to know your community. If you live in a home or townhouse, become a regular at local coffee shops and other popular establishments.

Meeting your new neighbors doesn’t have to be a daunting or complicated task. Use these tips to help you break the ice and say, “Howdy, neighbor;” chances are they are eager to meet you as well.

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