Meet Phil Wells, VP of JK’s Global Unit

Who is Phil Wells?

I am from England originally, though being from a military family we moved frequently. The States have been my home since 1980 when I came here on a tourist visa, wanting to do some world traveling before settling into a more permanent job. I ended up getting a job at the Australian embassy. I worked my way up and eventually became in charge of travel and “removals” for household goods, which is how I first became involved in the moving industry.

What are some of your interests outside of work?

I definitely enjoy traveling. I have been grateful to see as much of the world as I have, and I want to see even more of it. Both of my kids are overseas—my son is attending university, while my daughter is working in London—and my wife is from the Philippines. We make a trip to the Philippines every two years to visit my wife’s family, and we try to see our kids as much as possible.

I am a big football (excuse me, soccer) fan. My team is West Ham United of the English Premier League. A great thing about being in the States is that so much more of the sport is televised due to NBC’s efforts to bring English football to Americans. I actually get to watch more games here than my family in England.

Phil Wells, JK International
Phil Wells, VP of JK Global

I am also a big fan of rock and roll. Bob Dylan, the Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd… The music is just timeless. Though I prefer the classics, I do like when my kids show me some of their favorite modern bands that we can both enjoy.

What is your role at JK?

As Vice President of JK’s Global business unit, I am responsible for overseeing day-to-day operations, as well as customer service and supply chain management. The prospect of traveling and working with clients around the world is exciting to me.

How long have you worked at JK and what is your most memorable experience thus far?

I have been at JK for about three months now and my most memorable experience was a breakfast event for the drivers. I was very impressed by the camaraderie among not just the drivers, but also JK’s President and CEO, Chuck Kuhn. It wasn’t just being polite and going through the motions—everybody was sincere and truly cared about being part of a team. Everybody was appreciated as equals.

What are some of your most vivid memories?

Definitely marrying my wife, then the births of our two kids. Aside from those, it is probably my trip to Positano, Italy. My wife and I went to Positano for my close friend’s 50th birthday celebration. The ambience of the whole trip was just stunning. The food, the environment, the architecture—everything was just beautiful.

What are some of your future goals?

My wife and I hope to sell our house in Virginia and move into D.C. We would love to be able to enjoy a more urban lifestyle ─ go for walks exploring and discovering new shops and restaurants. Professionally, I look forward to growing the Global side of JK by using my various relationships and experience gained through the years to add and secure new suppliers.

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