Meet David Macpherson, Senior VP of JK’s Global Business Unit

David Macpherson pronunciation
David teaches the bride’s family how to properly pronounce Macpherson

Who is David Macpherson?

I grew up in Glasgow, Scotland, where I met my wife Alison. After our marriage, Alison and I moved to London, England. In 1985, we then moved to Toronto, Canada, where our son Grant (a JK Moving Consultant) was born. In 1992, we moved again; this time to the States. I had thought Canada and the U.S. were fairly similar, but I experienced huge culture shock when I moved to the States. Everything was very different (except that I could still watch “The Benny Hill Show!” every night!).

I also would say I am a bit of a tech junkie. When I was young, I was a mobile DJ. I would routinely assemble and disassemble all of the sound equipment and lighting, and became very comfortable around technology. I love experiencing how technology can improve our lives and improve processes that would otherwise occupy much of our time.

Alison and I are both dog lovers too. We own two Pomeranians and a teacup poodle.

What are your interests outside of work?

I enjoy cooking. As a kid, when my parents would go out of town I would stay with my “aunt” (a family friend). She was a fantastic cook and would have me help out in the kitchen. My favorite meal is probably steak au poivre. I also make a damn good chocolate mousse.

Boating is also a hobby of mine. Alison and I own a 26” cruiser on the Potomac and love spending time out on the water. Nothing is quite as relaxing.

I also love music. I always look forward to the annual season of Wolftrap concerts, and once won $100 for my karaoke rendition of “500 Miles.”David Macpherson JK Global

When did you join JK and what is your role?

I joined JK in March 2005. As Senior Vice President of JK Moving Services’ Global business unit, it is my responsibility to take JK Global to the next level. I am responsible for driving and expanding global shipping and client growth while maintaining the personalized service JK is known for. As one of the leaders at JK, I also have influence on our company culture. I set the tone for the Global team and ensure that we are driven by a desire to provide quality service.

What attracted you to the moving industry?

I guess you can say it started when I was young, working as a taxi driver. I would meet all types of personalities, and I developed strong communication skills. I further developed those skills while working for an American shipping company in London, before moving to Canada, then to the States. My skills and experiences made JK a great fit for me.

What is one of your most memorable experiences?

My son’s wedding was a great experience. Although it took place here in the States ─ at Merriweather Manor in Leesburg, Virginia – it was a very Scottish affair; many guests and the bridal party were dressed in kilts. The landscape was beautiful and the hills in the area were very reminiscent of Scotland.

Another great moment was when I won a contract in Canada for the draw down of all Canadian National Defense personnel in Europe. I was the underdog bidding for a big contract, and coming away with the win was a major milestone in my career.

What are some of your future goals?

This is not necessarily a goal, but I am so happy and looking forward to the birth of my first grandchild!

Other than that, I earned my American citizenship last year, and although I voted in the primary election, I am excited and proud to be voting in my first presidential election!

Professionally, I want to continue to shape the direction and growth of JK Global and JK’s sister company, CapRelo. It has been exciting to watch these both grow over the years.

Macpherson US citizenship
The Macphersons celebrate their U.S. citizenship.

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