Making Designs: Options on Your Interior Layout Part 2

(Editor’s Note –We are joined again by our friends from New Homes Guide for Part 2 of their series with interior design advice for your new home.)

Picking up from where we left off in Part 1 of our two-part series, today we’ll go in-depth from the HGTV article. Below are additional tips for arranging your furniture. We’ll stick with the living room theme. The advice in this article works great in tandem with the furniture-layout programs we listed last time.

  • Mix and Match – Using a variety of furniture of different sizes and characteristics can add visual interest to your living room.
  • Create Balance By Using Scaled Pieces – With scale in mind, a balance of pieces with different physical qualities in height, depth and width can create a harmonious atmosphere.
  • Two Types of Balance – When it comes to rooms and furnishings, there are two types of balance: symmetrical and asymmetrical. A symmetrical room creates a restful place, while asymmetry – e.g., slightly different-sized ornaments placed next to each other – can add excitement to your space.
  • The Art of Depth –How about a little trickery? No one said you have to play it straight. Try placing two end tables on each side of a couch with a painting above it. The triangle created by the three points – two end tables and the painting itself, will create depth.

Still Having Problems?

Sometimes you just need to get help. In this case, hiring an interior designer may be the way to go. Here is an informative article from Apartment Therapy: “When to Hire an Interior Decorator.”

Now, finances may dictate whether you choose this approach. Top decorators earn $150-$250 an hour; however, many up-and-comers will charge about half that. Also, there are different permutations when it comes to hiring a designer (for instance, the designer can purchase furniture and resell it to you at an agreed-upon markup, which nonetheless gives you a discount over retail).

Finally, don’t forget to check out virtual interior design companies. According to professional interior designer, Lisa Ellis, you’ll save money using this approach instead of hiring a traditional, in-the-room designer. Makes sense, but as always, do your research.

If you’ve got the spirit and the eye for it, DIY interior design is the most cost-effective move. Plus, it’s likely the most fun. Hopefully you’ve gleaned some helpful information with this post. Good luck with designing your new home’s interior!

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