Long Distance Drivers Workshops

Training at the Long Distance Drivers Workshop
Training at the Long Distance Drivers Workshop

This past weekend we were pleased to welcome a selection of our long distance drivers for the first in a series of Drivers Workshops. This workshop, and the following subsequent workshops, allows us to accomplish several objectives before the start of the “busy season” with all of our Long Distance drivers.

What Occurs at the Long Distance Drivers Workshops?

Continued Education.

All of the drivers are completing PACE training, and these workshops are the perfect opportunity for our long distance (LD) drivers. The first day of PACE training is the classroom training and the second day of training is on the road in their vehicles. We want them to practice in the exact trucks they drive cross-country.

There is also role-playing with different members of the team. This helps break the ice with all the drivers, while teaching them how to respond to a variety of potential situations. From inclement weather to a traffic delay, practicing helps prepare the drivers.

Industry and Company Updates.

The two-day workshop featured updates from our Warehouse team, Human Resources team, Military team, Finance team, and Sales team. The LD drivers have plenty of contact with our Dispatch team and we wanted to give the LD drivers a sense of the updates and strategies from the rest of the enterprise.

Team Building.

Because of the nature of an LD driver, it’s rare for them to all be in our headquarters at the same time. By bringing everyone in for training, role playing, and ending the two-day session with a celebratory dinner, it helps build camaraderie.

Rarely are all of the LD drivers in the area together, so these workshops present the best opportunity for us to provide additional training and recognition. All of our LD drivers are scheduled to attend one of the Workshops before the busy, summer season begins. In the fall, we will be hosting our LD drivers for a celebratory weekend.

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