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At JK Moving we continually make adjustments to our sustainable practices so we can be an even more environmentally friendly company. For example, in 2011 we instituted a hotel policy for our long distance drivers, providing them with a more comfortable and better night’s rest. A second benefit to this practice is that it limits the amount of time our trucks spend idling, thereby reducing emissions and controlling the wear and tear on our trucks. Today, we would like to take the time to highlight Keith Hall, one of JK’s long distance drivers who has embraced going green.

JK long distance driver Keith Hall on a move.

JK long distance driver Keith Hall on a move.

Keith is having a positive effect on the environment with his dedicated effort to save fuel by not idling and coasting when possible. As a result, Keith’s miles per gallon (MPG) has improved by 45% – from 5.5 to nearly 8.0 – which is absolutely incredible. That means, for an average of 75,000 miles driven per year (typical for one of our long distance drivers), Keith will save approximately 4,500 gallons of fuel.

Reusing mattress cartons and mirror boxes for floor protection and wall protection.

Reusing mattress cartons and mirror boxes for floor protection and wall protection.

Not only has Keith embraced the philosophy behind the JK hotel policy, he has also made a dedicated effort to reduce, recycle, and reuse packing supplies (when practical) on moves. After a move, Keith removes all the tape from mattress cartons and mirror boxes so the boxes can serve a purpose on the next move. These boxes won’t be used to hold household goods again, but they work well as floor protection, wall protection, or in a garage to cover oil spots.

During unpacking, Keith also saves the wrapping paper. This paper will be used again, although not to wrap goods. Instead, this paper will be used as a layer of protection at the bottom of packing boxes for the next customer’s wrapped goods. If Keith and his partner are unable to re-use supplies during a move, the excess materials will be brought back to JK headquarters to be used for training purposes.

JK initiated the hotel program to provide our drivers with a better night’s rest and to limit fuel usage on a long distance move. We are beyond pleased to see our drivers not only acting in accordance with our green initiative, but going beyond expectations. Keith has proactively gone out of his way to reduce, recycle, and reuse and we couldn’t be prouder.

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