Meet the People of JK: Lisa Jewell, Archives Administrative Manager

When you think about a moving company, you probably think about the folks who actually conduct your move, like the packers, drivers, and warehouse staff.  But there are so many other employees “behind the scenes.” I recently sat down with Lisa Jewell, JK Moving Services’ Archives Administrative Manager, to better get to know her and her role at JK. Here is a little of what she shared:

Tell me about your background; who is Lisa Jewell?

Well, I was born on the Air Force base in Colorado Springs and grew up in the area. I attended Colorado State University where I studied both business and nursing. I’ve worked a lot in skilled nursing facilities; hiring and training nurses and nursing aides.

I had a myriad of other duties in skilled nursing facilities as well, including being a safety officer, managing workers’ compensation, and scheduling. I eventually moved to Virginia to be closer to family and enjoy time with my nieces and nephew.

lisa jewell

What are some of your interests? What do you do in your spare time?

Some of my favorite pastimes include hiking, running, rafting, swimming, and skiing ­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­– basically any “mountain related” activities. Traveling is a passion of mine; I love exploring new areas.

Reading non-fiction books is my way of relaxing. I also do organic cosmetic formulation as a hobby and a way of expanding health knowledge in others.

What is your role at JK and what got you interested in this line of work?

My title is “Archives Administration Manager.” I am part of the Archives team in our Commercial Division. My role entails monitoring customer service, overseeing inventory control and information, billing management, helping maintain system functionality, educating staff and customers, and constantly improving and streamlining processes for efficiency.

I became interested based off of my previous management experience. I was very interested in working in and learning a new industry; learning new skills and challenging myself is a passion of mine.

What has been your favorite experience while working at JK?

I’ve worked for JK for two years now. My favorite experiences are the personal exchanges I have with the amazing customers. It makes the job so valuable. It is incredibly gratifying to assist and build rapport with the people I work with everyday and to learn new skills from them – both in work capacities and in life experiences.

What is your fondest childhood memory?

It seems cliché, but my fondest moments are baking with my grandmother or assisting my grandfather with his church and humanitarian services.

Family means the world to me, and my favorite memories are when we were all together in joy, like Christmas Eve dinners. So to pick one single fond memory is impossible – as the greatest joy is brought to me by those whom I love.

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