JK’s PC Tech Certification

Would your business function if your computers were down for an hour? Two hours? A full day? What would happen if your network or server was down after an office move? At JK, we understand that your Information Technology (IT) infrastructure is integral to managing your daily business.

As your office mover, it is our responsibility to relocate the IT equipment from your old office space to your new office space. Our professional, full-time employees are well trained and have the expertise to relocate your computers while minimizing risk of damage and employee downtime after the move.

PC Tech Certificate from NVCC.

To further enhance our services, JK recently partnered with the Northern Virginia Community College (NVCC) Workforce Development program to develop a custom curriculum. This proprietary course includes aspects of A+ hardware certification, PC disconnect and reconnect operations, connection of adjacent peripherals, and network connection protocols.

JK selected a group of ten employees to complete the five week course and earn their professional PC Tech Certification. JK employees were scored on homework assignments, in-class labs, class participation, and class attendance (JK employees were required to attend every class to graduate).

JK is committed to investing in its employees and their training to deliver a better move for our customers. The creation of this class is a natural expansion of our core commercial move services. It enables your IT department to focus on the network and server aspects of the relocation while JK’s Certified PC Techs manage the desktop equipment and other peripherals.

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