JK Welcomes U.S. State Department Employees from Around the World

Foreign Service Nationals Visit JK
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In late September, JK was pleased to host employees of the U.S. State Department Embassies for a tour of our facilities. We welcomed guests from cities all over the world, including Bamako, Islamabad, Khartoum, and Tokyo, to name a few.

Our visitors were all Foreign Service Nationals (FSN). An FSN works in an American embassy and helps service the needs of the U.S. diplomats. This can range from purchasing office supplies to overseeing moving services.

During their visit, the FSNs toured JK’s facilities, which included stops at our training house and classroom, our dispatch office, and our warehouse facilities. The tour concluded with a quick trip in a new tractor trailer and luncheon. The tractor trailer is unique to the moving world outside of the States because there simply isn’t the space for a 58 foot trailer, so this was a real treat for our guests.

What Our Guests Had to Say

On JK’s Training

Foreign Service Nationals enjoying the training house.Mr. Sidibe, from Mali, was impressed with JK’s policy that our employees train in our house before ever stepping into a customer’s home. Mr. Sirelkhatim, from the Sudan, was impressed with JK’s high standards, and felt that these standards contribute to our high quality service. Mr. Sichiweza was interested in the packing process because his country doesn’t have clear procedures or training for packing household goods.

On JK’s Employees

When asked about our employees, Ms. Cruz, from Nuevo León, remarked that it was apparent they “were proud of working here.” Ms. Ramirez, from Guatemala, echoed this statement by saying our employees, “take pride in what they do.” When speaking of one of our trainers, Johnny, Mr. De Lucio, from Mexico, wondered aloud, what “If he shared his pride with everyone?” Believe us Mr. De Lucio, Johnny shares his wisdom and pride with every JK employee.

On JK’s Warehouse

Over the course of the day, JK tour guides heard over and over how amazed everyone was with the size and cleanliness of the warehouse. Mr. Nazarov, from Turkmenistan, noted not only was the warehouse clean and organized, but, the electronic tracking (barcoding and GPS) for all shipments was so efficient. Mr. Sirelkhatim observed the extensive security, from the sealed and locked containers to the physical security of the warehouse.

We enjoyed playing host to the FSNs during their visit to Washington, D.C. If you’re interested in a tour, we welcome you to visit our facilities and meet your moving team.

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