JK Welcomes Insurance Captive

JK with other members of the insurance captive
JK with other members of the insurance captive

In December, JK was pleased to host members of our Insurance Captive for a two-day Safety Supervisor Seminar. The safety of our crews and your belongings are of the utmost importance, which is why our crews spend days learning and preparing in our training house before ever entering a home. The purpose of this safety seminar was to enhance the fleet safety management skills of the Captive’s front line supervisors.

The two day session focused on key aspects of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMSCA) compliance and injury avoidance through hazard recognition. The goal was to make dispatchers and safety managers aware of more than just the delivery date. That is, for the fleet managers to take into account their driver’s hours of service, and the upcoming road conditions when planning a move. Our dispatchers already do an excellent job of this; the goal was to provide them with advanced training and additional tools.

Seminar attendees also received additional skills and tips to succeed as fleet safety managers. The material was covered through classroom discussion, small group discussion, and hands-on application. All attendees were required to read, “QBQ! The Question Behind the Question: Practicing Personal Accountability in Work and in Life,” by John G. Miller before the seminar.

In more detail, the class had three major takeaways for attendees:

  1. Technical Skills

    There was an in-depth discussion and explanation of FMSCA regulations and hazard recognition.

  2. Professional Development

    Tips and guides to time management, self-development, and leading others were discussed during the seminar.

  3. Leadership Study

    The goal of discussing Miller’s book was to help attendees make personal accountability a core value.

This seminar was geared toward front line managers and supervisors. JK was excited for the opportunity to welcome other members of our Insurance Captive to visit and tour our facilities while providing a great educational opportunity to improve the overall safety of our organization.

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