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In theory, self storage is great. You get your goods out of your house and into a self storage facility.  Of course, you have to find a truck big enough to haul all your belongings, pack all your items into the truck, drive it over the storage place, and then safely unload everything into self storage, which may or may not be clean or secure—all without breaking your back.

The JK Valet is an excellent portable storage option.
The JK Valet is an excellent portable storage option.

Our portable storage, aka JK Valet, is a perfect alternative to self storage. It’s easy to use, and it won’t break your budget or your back. How does it work? JK delivers a durable, portable, and secure solid metal storage container to your door. You simply have to pack and load your items.

If you are working on a spring cleaning project or renovation project, you can keep the JK Valet on your property for easy access. If you need a longer term storage option, we can pick up your JK Valet and store it at our secure warehouse. Should you need it, you can have access to your Valet whenever you need.

Opportunities to use JK Valet:

  • Cleaning projects
  • Decluttering your home to “stage it” if your home is for sale
  • Storing inherited furniture
  • Filing the file boxes from a home office
  • Storing seasonal items
  • Protecting sentimental items from or for your children
  • If you’re a hobbyist, storing your supplies

JK Valet Measurements:

  • 7’ wide by 7’ tall by 7’4” deep
  • 300 cubic feet of interior space—roughly the size of a generous walk-in closet
  • Secure, sturdy, weatherproof
  • Delivered to your curb
  • May be stored at our meticulously maintained, moisture-free facilities with 24-hour surveillance, motion sensors, fire protection
  • Or, you can keep it at your home as long as you need

JK Valet Pricing:

  • JK Valet storage unit per month—$109
  • Delivery fee: 1 Valet—$89 each
  • Flat month-to-month pricing

If you would like to order a JK Valet or if you have further questions please call: 703.260.3040 or visit our website.

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