JK: Utilizing RAPIDGate

JK Moving Services is proud to announce our participation in the RAPIDGate program. RAPIDGate is a system that allows pre-approved companies who have regular business with government entities easier and speedier access inside government installations. JK has been vetted and now qualifies for the benefit of RAPIDGate. We are currently in the process of getting individual employees approved. We are excited to be involved with this program because of the benefits provided to our customers.

JK Moving is excited to be part of the RAPIDGate Program.
JK Moving is excited to be part of the RAPIDGate Program.

The amount of time JK saves is the biggest benefit to the customer. Currently, every time a JK truck and employee enter an installation we must go through the screening process. Normally, it takes one hour to inspect the truck and 20 minutes for each individual to be cleared.  JK can now provide RAPIDGate credentials, enter the installation, and bypass the normal screening process.

RAPIDGate provides additional security for the customer by performing background checks on all applicants. JK was required to provide current addresses, phone numbers, dates of birth, and Social Security numbers for identity proofing and background checks. RAPIDGate also takes a photo and digital fingerprints for the credential. JK employees receive their own personalized credential after verification. This lowers the potential risk of fraud and liability with the electronic ID verification.

JK has made the consistent commitment to invest in our employees as well as the tools they use. We look at RAPIDGate in the same light. We are paying an annual fee and paying for each employee that applies for the credential. In the end, this was not a hard choice to make because we know this program will help us deliver faster, more efficient moves for our customers.

RAPIDGate allows us to be more efficient movers, because we can easily access secure facilities; which will in turn save our customers time and money. JK currently has 4 employees approved for the program and we are in the application process with twenty other employees. We are excited to start benefitting from our investment in the RAPIDGate program.

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