JK Safety Committee

Here at JK we have a very strong safety record and look to continually implement best practices in keeping our employees, and our customers’ belongings safe. Some of our initiatives range from regular crew meetings, along with our annual Drivers’ Conference, to trainings and certifications, like the ones we receive from IOMI® (International Office Moving Institute), to rewards and incentives, like celebratory team dinners when we reach certain safety goals.

We’re very excited about one of our newest initiatives, our Safety Committee.  We’ve long had an award-winning, dedicated Safety Department, and this committee is comprised of drivers and warehouse workers and their mission is simple, they will meet every few weeks and their focus will be to create an even better culture of safety from the inside out.

There will be one member of management at their meetings, but only in a passive role, providing support when needed. Otherwise, the basis of the committee is to collaborate, manage, track, and implement their suggestions and programs. The chairman of the group, Geoff K., will be the lead facilitator and will be in charge of obtaining approval for necessary resources and time for the Committee to complete their activities and campaigns.

The Safety Committee and members of the Operations team (not included are the the Maryland team members, Roy M. and Michael A.).

Representing the commercial division are driver, Jeremias C., and warehouse employee, Guillermo H. Representing the Maryland team are drivers Michael A. and Roy M.  Representing the Virginia team are drivers, Will T., Mario H., Mario M., Mauricio B., and Geoff K. We currently do not have representation from our long distance drivers (it’s a challenge because they are always on the road), but they will have a voice in the Committee. As it stands, our Safety Committee members have over 50 years of combined experience at JK.

We’re excited because this was something our employees wanted; to be active participants in the processes that we use every day. Through their years of hands-on experience, we expect they will have new ideas for safer, better ways to handle daily issues. This will benefit the company as a whole, as all of our employees learn to be safer and more efficient when at work.

We truly believe the Safety Committee will help JK be safer than it already is and help deliver a superior experience for every customer we move.

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